The Value of a Full Service Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning to the Fullest: Full Service Wedding Planner Benefits

The value of hiring a wedding planner is never-ending–but above any service package, that of a full service planner reigns as the winner. While opting for a day of or month of planner is far better than going it alone, investing in a full service planner from the get go proves to be the best option–time and time again.

We actually consider hiring a planner The Number One Florida Keys Wedding Budget Saver. Seeing quotes from a planner and trying to figure out how to squeeze it all into your budget can have you scratching your head. And we get that! So let’s have a chat. Below, we are sharing why hiring a full service planner gives you the most bang for your buck–and ends up saving you money, too!

Full Service Wedding Planner Pros

As a month of planner, challenges often reveal themselves to us during those 30 days that could have been dodged had we joined the planning party sooner. Being able to be there to talk with vendors, get quotes just right, review contracts, and hold the lantern to guide you through the path of planning is such a gift. Doing the things we do on a daily basis is often just outside those who do not work in weddings general wheelhouse. This is completely understandable! Just like a baker gets the icing just the right consistency, wedding professionals catch things during the planning process that someone outside the industry would likely miss. Not having the guiding light of a full service wedding planner from the get go can create stress in the 20-30 day crunch before their wedding day, when we could be smooth sailing.

In addition, opting for full service can help save money. By working and negotiating with vendors throughout the process, we can fine tooth comb every quote to best fit your budget and visions. Most importantly of all? The relationship that comes from a full service package. We love what we do. Weddings and events are our hearts! But on our hearts most of all is the connection. It’s about building the relationship along the planning process–being a part of the family and being united in the tasks leading up to creating your special day. You do not have to fly solo until the last second, counting the moments until the professionals step in to help. You can hand all the spinning plates over from the beginning–truly resting and enjoying the wedding planning process. Your wedding day will be a dream. Your wedding planning process can be too.

Florida Keys full service wedding planner

Love & Light,

Florida Keys Wedding Planner Frond + Feather Events

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Green with Joy: Tropical Green Florida Wedding {Ally & Andrew}

Green Florida wedding

Paradise Perfected: Ally + Andrew’s Tropical Green Florida Wedding

The sun, the sand, the lush greenery–the feelings of the Keys bring warmth to all, and Ally & Andrew’s green Florida wedding did just the same! I am thrilled to share this sweet duo’s wedding day with you all. Ally and Andrew treated me like family from the start. The pandemic brought on many changes during the planning of their wedding. But being as united and loving as they are, they faced it all flawlessly. Moving their celebrations from Indianapolis to the Florida Keys brought the two of them and their loved ones a paradise day. Sweet Ally shares all the details on their love story and wedding day below. Read along, and prepare yourself to fall in love with these two!

Tell us about you two! When did you meet?

“Andrew and I met at Purdue University in 2010 and like any good start to a relationship, we were friends first! We didn’t start dating until 2015. Andrew had moved out to Denver after we graduated while I was still in Indiana. We kept in touch the year after graduating. He came back to Indy a couple of times, and I visited Denver. I decided to move out to CO in the summer of 2015. We pretty much started dating right when I moved out :).”

Green Florida weddingHow did you want your guests to feel on your wedding day? What overall vibe were you hoping for?

“We were supposed to marry in Indianapolis in May of 2020, but with Covid we had to push back to 2021. It took us awhile to figure out when and where our wedding would be. I am a nurse and was/am working with Covid patients. I truly wasn’t sure when things would lighten up. The vaccine becoming available to the public weeks before our wedding was a game changer! After the year everyone had in 2020, we figured both ourselves and our guests could use a vacation! Key Largo is absolutely beautiful and was the perfect get away for our wedding.”

Green Florida weddingWhat was your favorite moment of the day?

“It’s hard to pick a moment from the day as my favorite, because the whole day felt like one perfect moment that flew by. Since we did not do a first look, our favorite moment was finally getting down the aisle and being able to say hello to each other for the first time on our wedding day. I was so nervous walking down. I don’t like people staring at me! My dad had to keep telling me to slow down because I was walking so fast. The second I was done walking down the aisle and able to hold Andrews hands and look him in the eyes, my nerves were completely gone.”

Green Florida weddingGreen Florida weddingGreen Florida weddingWhat advice would you give to brides currently planning a wedding?

“My advice to current brides is to look at the big picture and not stress small things, even though that can be tough sometimes. Remember what the day is about, marrying the love of your life and best friend is really all that matters at the end of the day! Laugh if something goes wrong, and have the time of your life celebrating with all of your friends and family! We sure did!”
“We couldn’t be more grateful to all of our vendors, especially Olivia for introducing us to ALL of them. We are so thankful to Anna and the rest of the baker’s cay staff for making our dream wedding finally happen. We could not have done any of this on our own and highly recommend everyone who worked so hard to make our day so special!”
Ally and Andrew, you two are a GIFT! I cherish you both and send you all the love, light, and laughter in the world. Cheers to your amazing forever together!
Gratitude to fellow South Florida wedding vendors:
Event Rentals: Keys Audio
Live Acoustic Music: Leah Sutter
Live Painting: Canvas and Confetti
Florals: Studio South
Videgraphy: CJF Films
Bridal Gown: Grace Loves Lace
Love & Light,
Florida Keys Wedding Planner Frond + Feather Events
Ready to set a date? Dive into our top tips here: How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Day Date
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How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Day Date

The Lowdown on Picking Your Wedding Date

You might find your dream venue available for your dream wedding date. But will your ideal vendors be available on that selected date?  It’s common for couples to base their desired wedding date off of weather, like the Florida Keys in March. However, there are many other factors to keep in mind. With the Florida Keys busier and more in demand than ever as a wedding destination spot, I want to be sure you snatch up that dream date of yours wisely. Your dream come true of a day begins with rocking the basics. And what kicks off the wedding planning more than selecting the date? To ensure you dream up a date that works for you both as well as your guests, budget, and preferred vendors, I am sharing my top tips below!

Wedding Date Dramas to Avoid

While the weather in March is delightful, there are other factors than can make that season frightful! March is peak season in the Florida Keys. With peak season comes peak traffic–on the roads and in the skies. And with high demand comes high prices! When booking your date anywhere in peak season, be sure to consider your guests’ budgets. Peak season brings high rates in flights and room rates. If you feel your guests will be on board with this, book to your hearts’ content! But keep in mind not everyone may be comfortable spending thousands of dollars on one weekend away. It’s your dream weekend–but of course we want to be considerate of everyone involved, too.

Hotels & Flights & Wedding Vendors: Oh my!

Alongside the flights, hotels and roads booking up in peak season, your wedding vendors will also be in high demand. Have you thought about if all of the best photographers, entertainers, wedding planners etc. are already booked up? With many couples moving their original dates from 2020 to 2021, couples in desire of a 2021 date were left without many options. Most couples opted to instead choose a date in 2022 so they could have all their desired vendors with them on their dreamy day. With this, 2022 has been booking up far sooner than usual, with vendors booked up 18 months in advance instead of the standard 9-12.

But hope is not lost! Never fear 😉 With these things in mind, there are many other times of the year that offer more flexibility. So before committing a huge portion of your budget to a venue on a dreamed up date, think down through these factors first. There are couples who wanted March or April of 2022. After looking into hotel room rates and vendor availability, they instead landed on May 2022, November 2022, etc. This worked better for them and their loved ones.

When it comes down to it, your wedding date is about what works best for you two and your community of loved ones. If you feel your guest list would be able to spend a significant amount of spending on their room, and your desired vendors are available, then dive right into peak season! But if you are thinking a more comfortable spending season with more vendor availability is more your speed, let’s set a date to chat about alternative dates 🙂

Love & Light,
Florida Keys Wedding Planner Frond + Feather Events
For more from this dreamy wedding, peek here: Key Largo Wedding Day {Chelsea & Duke at Baker’s Cay Resort}
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Dreaminess at Dream Bay Resort: Laura + Jake’s Valentine’s Day Wedding

Florida beach bride

Ready for the sweetest couple celebrated on the sweetest day of the year?

Sharing their love story and Dream Bay Resort Valentine’s Day wedding day details, get ready to swoon along with me and hear from the bride, Laura, below!

The Story of Laura + Jake: From Daydreams to Dream Bay Resort

“Jake and I met on a 911 call, in the Winter of 2016.  We happened to work an overdose together, and remained close ever since.  After being friends for upwards of a year, I kissed him and sealed the deal!  We picked the Keys for a couple of reasons.  The first thing we knew is that Jake definitely wanted a beach wedding. The next was that I have a timeshare in Key Largo that has been in my family since the condo was built in the 70’s.  It was truly the perfect combo – we had to pay minimal to stay and could make it our honeymoon too, and there are a bazillion resorts that have beautiful beaches to have our wedding on!  Perfect!”

Dream Bay ResortDate & Detail Selections

“So the date we picked was all because we drove down to the Keys from MA, and were initially set to arrive to Dream Bay Resort on Friday, 2/12.  To have the traditional Saturday wedding, on the 13th, would be just too much work after driving 24+hrs, so we picked Sunday.  Go figure – it’s Valentine’s Day.  So we basically wanted anything BUT red/pink/purple.  We sat and thought for a bit – blue and yellow say chill beach vibes, and it’s not valentines colors!  I love yellow flowers, and dusty blues are a stunning pairing.

Our absolute most favorite details were the flowers on the natural tree under which we got married.  I love how grounded to nature it felt.  Jake and I are not over the top people, so that really hit home.  And then to be able to enjoy the sunset and get stunning pictures during that was incredibly important to Jake.  To be able to have all those memories to hold on to means so much to us.”

Dream Bay Resort

Dream Bay ResortDream Bay ResortLaura’s Love Note: Encouragement from the Bride

“To anyone getting married in the Keys (or anywhere, for that matter): hire a wedding planner.  100% worth every penny.  I have friends here in MA planning weddings too, and I’ve told them all the same.  A wedding planner has connections to vendors, people, and business owners that no amount of internet research can make for you.  They know things the internet does not.  Trust them. They have done this before.  We were also limited in that we couldn’t travel for the planning, so we placed full faith and trust in Olivia when it came down to the things that it’s usually helpful to touch or taste or sample. It pays for itself when you have a trusted local who knows the local places to get you the best for your money.  A wedding planner can spend your money better than you and can make your perfect wedding come true.  Olivia did all of that and more for Jake and I.  From the bottom of our hearts, we can’t thank her enough for the work she did for us.  She made it feel seamless for us, even though I have no doubt she worked incredibly hard behind the scenes.”
Florida Keys weddingFlorida Keys wedding
Laura and Jake, thank you for giving me the sweetest Valentine’s Day! I am overjoyed and extremely grateful to have been a part of your journey to “I Do”. Cheers to your happily ever after! Cheers to YOU!
Hair & Makeup: Elaine Hampson
Floral: Studio South
Bridesmaids Gowns: Birdy Grey
Planning & Coordination: Frond & Feather Events
Love & Light,
Florida Keys Wedding Planner Frond + Feather Events
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Kissing in Key Largo: A Florida Keys Resort Wedding

Florida Keys

Florida Keys bride and groom Andrew and Olivia said “I do” on a wondrous winter day last December. Working with them granted a joy that still puts a pep in my step when I think about them and their day! I could not wait to share their story with you. Who better to tell that tale than the lovely new Mrs. herself? Below, bride Olivia shares their story and all the details on their beautiful Baker’s Cay wedding day.

What made you select the Florida Keys as the beginning of your forever?

“I  had recently moved back to Indiana and moved in with my parents while I figured out where I wanted to live. Andrew lived about 4 minutes away from my parent’s house. However, we actually met on a dating app. Our worlds would have never crossed if it weren’t for technology and for that, we are very thankful. We immediately hit it off and were forced into a couple of weeks of FaceTime calls as we were both traveling or out of town. We were finally able to meet in person and have been inseparable ever since. He truly is my best friend. 

We had decided that we would like to do a destination wedding after visiting some venues in Indiana and nothing had really peaked our interest. We wanted to choose a place where we would want to visit again and again. Andrew suggested the Keys, and I had honestly never even been. He has always been a dreamer, and I liked the idea of a wedding on the beach, so we decided to fly down to Florida. We toured venues for 3 days straight, and eventually decided on Baker’s Cay due to the uniqueness of the property. It was beautiful and gave me all the feels when we toured the property.”

florida keys

How did you envision your Florida Keys wedding day?

“We really wanted a romantic and intimate wedding. We knew we were going to have a smaller crowd as this was a destination wedding, so we thought something more intimate would be perfect. Therefore, I leaned more towards soft pink, white, blush, and cream colors. I think both reception spaces (lol, thanks rain) turned out beautiful and matched the vision we were going for.”

What was your favorite part of the big day?

“The first look! I know a “first look” isn’t the most traditional thing to do, but I have never really been “traditional”. It was important to me to see Andrew before we walked down the aisle to get those final nervous butterflies to go away. I only wish I had seen him earlier in the day so I could have eaten! 🙂 It was so nice to spend a few moments together prior to the ceremony, and he even brought champagne with two beautiful glasses in an engraved wooden box with our wedding date carved into it. Now we have that box in our home to remind us of our special day.”

florida keysflorida keys

Where did you find your gown, groom + groomsmen and bridesmaid dresses?

“My mom and I decided to randomly go dress shopping one day at Luxe Redux Bridal Boutique in Indianapolis, and I tried on about 10 dresses and decided that this was the one. I cried when I put it on, and thought it would match our romantic vibe perfectly. I have not really seen many dresses like it! Bridesmaid dresses were purchased through Birdy Grey and I highly recommend them. Such great customer service and very affordable dresses. The groomsmen were traveling in from multiple different states, so we rented suits from Men’s Wearhouse.”

What advice would you give to couples currently planning a Florida Keys wedding?

“2020 was a year for all of us! There are so many things out of your control with the pandemic, but this honestly was one of the best days ever! Nothing is ever going to be perfect! Did it rain? Yes. Did we have to move inside and not get to use our farm tables and chairs? Yes. BUT, I got to marry my best friend and at the end of the day, that was all that mattered. Plus, Olivia made sure everything went smoothly and I knew we were in great hands if things couldn’t go exactly as planned. Enjoy every moment because it seriously goes by so fast!”
baker's cay wedding

Cheers to you and your “I Do” day, Olivia and Andrew! Thank you so much for choosing me to walk beside you on this most wonderful day. Wishing you endless love & light–now and always.

Thank you to fellow Florida Keys wedding vendors:

Venue: Baker’s Cay Resort

Photographer: Jannette De Llanos Photography

Florist: Floral Fantasy

Rentals: Keys Audio Party Rentals

Wedding Planning by yours truly: Frond & Feather Events

Love & Light,

Florida Keys Wedding Planner Frond + Feather Events

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Rainy Wedding Day: Managing Weather for your Florida Keys Wedding

Even though legend has it that a rainy wedding day brings good luck, it’s likely not something on your wedding day wish list. When selecting the Florida Keys as your destination wedding location, the stunning weather is likely a top reason. But just like any tropical climate, sometimes that sea breeze picks up a bit too much. Rain showers can decide to invite themselves into your wedding day. But just like anything else, there are ways to navigate this wedding storm! Below I am sharing my tips on how to ensure those sandy feet will keep dancing on your wedding day—even if a rain cloud or two stops by.

Rescues on Your Rainy Wedding Day

Planning for a potential rainy wedding day has many facets involved. But the most important factor in navigating inclement weather on your wedding day depends largely on your wedding venue. If you decide to host your big day at one of the many Florida Keys wedding friendly resorts, chat with your contact at the venue about your back-up location. Most venues offer one included in your contract, but not all. If your venue does offer a back-up location, ensure it is in your wedding day contract before signing. If the venue does not offer a back-up location, be sure to ask them what kind of tents are allowed on property.

When thinking about your back-up location, be sure there is enough space for not just your reception, but your ceremony, too. Just in case the rain comes before your ceremony, you will need space to place your full ceremony set up too. Space can be saved using the dance floor as much of the “stage” for the ceremony space, but be sure this is enough, just in case!

If you opt for a tent, be sure to chat thoroughly with the tent company about what size your party will be, as well as any furniture rentals, stages, etc. you will have. This will help them ensure your tent will safely fit everything underneath. Be sure to also discuss tent siding options, as these are an added cost and additional labor.

Rainy Wedding Day Plan A, B, & C

Backup included in your venue? If not, tent secured, with proper accessories? Ceremony space also protected? Check, check and check! Planning for a potential rainy wedding day is far from fun, but it’s extremely important. However, often, even when planned perfectly, rain can come in rapidly and unexpectedly. In this event? Ensuring you have hired a team of local wedding vendors who are seasoned in this scenario is key! Which wedding vendor to start with? You know who! Chat with us today about how to keep a chance of rain from stealing your wedding day sunshine.

Love & Light,

Florida Keys Wedding Planner Frond + Feather Events


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Dreamy Key Largo Wedding Day {Chelsea & Duke at Baker’s Cay Resort}

A Kaleidoscope of Light & Joy: Chelsea & Duke’s Dreamy Key Largo Wedding

It was an honor to be a part of Chelsea & Duke’s Key Largo wedding day at Baker’s Cay Resort. Originally planning to have a large celebration in Nashville, the sweet couple postponed and moved their wedding day to host a Key Largo wedding day with a small intimate group of family and friends. Like so many other 2020 couples, their wedding was not what they first dreamed up, but in turn, even better than originally imagined. Good things come to those who wait, and great things come to those who persevere!

Kick It Off with Confetti

Chelsea & Duke processed down the aisle as husband and wife in celebration with biodegradable confetti canons. Talk about taking the phrase “going out with a bang” to a whole new level! Not only did this delight the duo and their guests, kicking off the celebration with plenty of joy, but it also created the most magical photos!

The sweetness continued throughout the evening as delightful details were themed after their fur baby, Riggins. Naming their specialty cocktail after the furry friend & providing themed Riggins cocktail napkins brought the very important pup into their very important day seamlessly. Bringing about an unforgettable golden hour, even the sky seemed to celebrate Chelsea & Duke!

Closing out the evening with a sparkler entrance into their reception, the couple brought their guests as much joy as they bring one another. From the sweetest father of the bride toast, to the dreamiest bridal gown and kindest crew–it was a true joy of a day.

Thank you so much to Chelsea & Duke for inviting me into your incredible story. It was an honor & joy!

As always, utmost gratitude to fellow vendors for making their Key Largo wedding day so special.

Venue: Baker’s Cay Resort

Photography: Finding Light Photography

Entertainment: Carlos Abanto & Philip Bixby

Cake: Maggie’s Bakery

Hair & Makeup: Style Me Elvi

Officiant: Frank Nunez
Looking for another Florida Keys wedding to inspire your dreamy day? Dive into Carrlee & Chris’ bohemian style big day here: Florida Keys Wedding: Carrlee & Chris’s Love Story
Love & Light,
Florida Keys Wedding Planner Frond + Feather Events
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The Number One Florida Keys Wedding Budget Saver

There are so many things I hope to armor my brides & grooms with, but it all begins with swooping in and being their very own Florida Keys wedding budget saver. Sure, the budget is far less important than the union, the loving attendees, and the love surrounding the big day. However, since you already have your best friend ever perfectly picked out, I am here to help give you both the best day ever. And to do that? Budget is most important!

You have started off your engagement with your left hand. Let’s make sure you are starting off your planning season with the right foot. We know finances are tight for so many in the current season we find ourselves in, so staying comfortably within your budget is more important than ever before. To do this? Spend money to save money.

Florida Keys Wedding Budget Saver Top Tip

Hire a local Florida Keys wedding planner. It seems like the most counterintuitive thing to do. Handed a budget, especially during uncertain times of 2020, spending money before the planning even officially kicks off seems a bit silly. But here is why it is absolutely undoubtedly necessary.

Hiring a wedding planner local to the area you plan to wed in straight off the “Yes!” of engagement sets you up for utmost success–in both your wedding day and your wedding budget. A Florida Keys wedding planner for a Florida Keys wedding will be able to look at your budget and instantly think of trusted vendors in the area who can accommodate you. Instead of wasting time pouring through Google, trying to rely on gut feeling alone to hire your entire wedding day crew, you are hiring a source who knows the vendors personally.

Happy Budget, Happy Life

Seeing so many couples disheartened after unknowingly hiring someone who may not be able to stay in line with the couples budget, be it DJ or decor and more, in turn causes the couple to spend even more money. Maybe their biggest desire is good food, but they unknowingly went forward with signing agreements with floral and entertainment teams whose minimum spends are over and above what the couple needed. This then forces the couple to cut back on their most important dream of great food, costing them to potentially go over budget just to end up cutting corners.

Knowing a wedding vendor personally allows the wedding planner to explain to you what they can do for you, what their typical price range is, and more. From there? Your planner can take your visions, match it with your budget, and pass it along to said trusted vendors. With this, multiple options from each area, from florals to catering and more, will be brought back us to then be presented to you for you to choose from. No endless Google searches, no contracts signed feeling uneasy, and certainly no wedding budgets blown. That easy breezy feeling you get when you are in the Keys? Imagine that during your entire planning process. That is what you both deserve.

Florida Keys Wedding Budget Win

Your Florida Keys wedding budget should be as carefully thought out and respected as the cherished details you choose for your special day. While most couples choose the Florida Keys as a destination wedding, some have an even trickier time figuring out budget stipulations while being so far away. To help mitigate this, we have created Consultation Packages. With this, we chat with you both and review your dreamy desires and budget needs. From this information, we can then present you with venues and vendors who are in line with your needs.

Sometimes, couples are surprised to find how much more expensive or inexpensive the Keys may be. After reviewing all of this with them, they find they may be better off opting for a different destination, or even better, they find they can afford a larger, more extravagant wedding in the Keys than originally thought. Either way, we are here to help steer your ship! Happily Ever After can begin at the beginning of your planning story–in turn gifting you the fairy tale day you dream of alongside a cast of characters best suited to bring it to life. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Love & Light,

Florida Keys Wedding Planner Frond + Feather Events

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How To Plan Your Postponed Florida Keys Wedding

It’s official: the Florida Keys has reopened, which means it’s time to start planning your postponed Florida Keys wedding day once again!

First comes the storm, then comes the rainbow. There is no way to sugarcoat it: the last few months have been tough for all of us. The global pandemic has impacted us all in some way. Though a postponed wedding day is “small peanuts” in the grand scheme of things, that big day of yours is still important, and the heartache you feel over its postponement is very valid.

As we have poured our hearts into conversations with brides and grooms facing the many questions in this season, we wanted to share some general tips to other couples who have also found themselves in postponed Florida Keys wedding day shoes. Below, take a deep breath with us. Help is on the way, and your wedding day is, too!

Postponed Florida Keys Wedding Planning Tips

1.) Is your vision still 2020? If you have re-booked your wedding for late fall of 2020, for now, we recommend waiting until August before making final decisions. “Wait…two more months doing nothing???” Nope! Far from it, actually! There are plenty of things you can do without making final official decisions. In a re-booking scenario, you already have your dream vendor team re-booked for your new date. Final decisions include things like increasing the guest count with your venue and catering team, opting for add ons and upgrades in your floral and decor choices, and more.

Since you have your vendor team re-booked, stay the course, and don’t make any final official decisions until late summer. Guidelines may change, traveling may look different, and because of these things, your guest list may be impacted one way or the other. You may be able to have the large celebration you originally envisioned! Or, you may decide to stick to a more cut back guest list, allowing yourself the luxury to add some upgrades to your bouquet, wine selections, etc. that you may not have otherwise had room for in your budget.

2.) Swooning over a smaller day? For couples who have not yet booked your wedding date, and still want their intimate beach wedding but are wrestling with the worry of investing in planning a destination wedding right now, we see you! As we have studied and kept up with the shift in the wedding industry, we have been increasingly encouraged by the potential of micro weddings, elopements, and intimate weddings. Even more encouraging? The Florida Keys has the best spots for a small but mighty wedded bliss party. Shake the fear off, and give us a call today. We would love to share with you the many options you have down here in paradise to suit just the small wedding you desire.

The mightier the storm, the more vibrant the rainbow.

Though the planning of your wedding day has been far from ideal thus far, have faith! We know for certain your wedding day will be all the more celebratory when it does come.

Love & Light,

Florida Keys Wedding Planner Frond + Feather Events

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Florida Keys Wedding: Carrlee & Chris’s Love Story

Carrlee and Chris’s Florida Keys wedding has stolen our hearts for good. Embracing the natural beauty of The Keys, the duo’s bohemian style wedding day felt effortlessly striking.

We had such fun with the two of them, and we wanted to feature their sweet love story and wedding day with you all. Get your tissues ready and see below story from dearest Florida Keys wedding bride, Carrlee.

Florida Keys wedding planner

It’s all about you two. Tell us your story!

“We met in Key Largo at a sushi & sake event at Corks & Curds. I actually ended up hitting on Chris’s married friend, whose wife was also at the table getting a kick out of it. They told me, “He’s married, but this guy is single! We’re having a party tomorrow night that you should come to!”

I didn’t realize it was a come & go event, so I arrived right on time with all my nervousness in tow. I didn’t know these people at all, but made enough small talk to get me through until Chris & others arrived. He walked me out to my car at the end of the evening, and we had our very awkward & memorable first kiss.

We both grew up in The Keys, and had always pictured getting married by the water. A family friend’s backyard on the bay in Islamorada was the perfect place!” – Carrlee

Florida Keys bride and groom

What vision inspired your Florida Keys wedding?

“We wanted a laid back vibe that was still beautiful. I love collecting wildflowers, grasses & greenery, so I wanted most fresh greenery to be collected. We wanted things to be simple & as eco-friendly as possible.“- Carrlee

Florida Keys brideFlorida Keys wedding planner

South Florida wedding

What moment of your Florida Keys wedding day was most meaningful to you?

“On our wedding day, my favorite part was our ritual during the ceremony. We chose to incorporate our own spirituality & design our own ritual to represent our union of love.

We incorporated the natural elements of earth, wind, fire & water to represent our connection to nature, lit candles to represent loved ones who had passed, walked in a circle 3 times to take our first steps as a married couple together & included lots of sacred crystals & stones. It was a fusion of various wedding rituals with what felt true & meaningful for us & that made it really special. And something only we knew the true significance of.” -Carrlee

Florida Keys wedding plannerFlorida Keys weddingFlorida Keys weddingFlorida Keys wedding

A little love letter…

“Olivia was beyond incredible in organizing all the details & asking us so many questions way in advance so that we wouldn’t have to consider them the day of. Recently at a wedding where the wedding planner was asking the bride about ridiculous details on the day, I was floored! Olivia made such a priority of allowing me to enjoy the day, not be bogged down by extraneous details that I didn’t even care about by that point anyways!

She stood in the pouring rain to hold an umbrella while Chris & I ate our dinner. Olivia went so above & beyond expectations. Her time & effort goes to the next level & I felt so personally cared for by her!”- Carrlee

Florida Keys weddingFlorida Keys weddingFlorida Keys wedding planner

Florida Keys Wedding Vendor Love

We send our sincerest thanks to Carrlee & Chris for allowing us to share in their unforgettable love story and wedding day. We absolutely adore you both, and have no doubt your journey together will continue to be fruitful of laughter, meaning, and deep connection.

Florida Keys wedding planner

Special thanks to fellow Florida Keys wedding vendors who helped make their wedding day possible!

First Look Venue: The Moorings Village

Photography: Endearing Studios

Florals: Jacque Barnes Flower Co.

Bridal Gown: Rue De Seine from A&Be Bridal

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Entertainment: Assai Event Musicians

Catering: Custom Caterers

Officiant: Leila Dylla

Wedding Planning & Coordination by Yours Truly: Frond + Feather Events

Love & Light,

Florida Keys Wedding Planner Frond + Feather Events

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