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The Value of a Full Service Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning to the Fullest: Full Service Wedding Planner Benefits

The value of hiring a wedding planner is never-ending–but above any service package, that of a full service planner reigns as the winner. While opting for a day of or month of planner is far better than going it alone, investing in a full service planner from the get go proves to be the best option–time and time again.

We actually consider hiring a planner The Number One Florida Keys Wedding Budget Saver. Seeing quotes from a planner and trying to figure out how to squeeze it all into your budget can have you scratching your head. And we get that! So let’s have a chat. Below, we are sharing why hiring a full service planner gives you the most bang for your buck–and ends up saving you money, too!

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As a month of planner, challenges often reveal themselves to us during those 30 days that could have been dodged had we joined the planning party sooner. Being able to be there to talk with vendors, get quotes just right, review contracts, and hold the lantern to guide you through the path of planning is such a gift. Doing the things we do on a daily basis is often just outside those who do not work in weddings general wheelhouse. This is completely understandable! Just like a baker gets the icing just the right consistency, wedding professionals catch things during the planning process that someone outside the industry would likely miss. Not having the guiding light of a full service wedding planner from the get go can create stress in the 20-30 day crunch before their wedding day, when we could be smooth sailing.

In addition, opting for full service can help save money. By working and negotiating with vendors throughout the process, we can fine tooth comb every quote to best fit your budget and visions. Most importantly of all? The relationship that comes from a full service package. We love what we do. Weddings and events are our hearts! But on our hearts most of all is the connection. It’s about building the relationship along the planning process–being a part of the family and being united in the tasks leading up to creating your special day. You do not have to fly solo until the last second, counting the moments until the professionals step in to help. You can hand all the spinning plates over from the beginning–truly resting and enjoying the wedding planning process. Your wedding day will be a dream. Your wedding planning process can be too.

Florida Keys full service wedding planner

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