how to pick your Florida Keys wedding date

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Day Date

The Lowdown on Picking Your Wedding Date

You might find your dream venue available for your dream wedding date. But will your ideal vendors be available on that selected date?  It’s common for couples to base their desired wedding date off of weather, like the Florida Keys in March. However, there are many other factors to keep in mind. With the Florida Keys busier and more in demand than ever as a wedding destination spot, I want to be sure you snatch up that dream date of yours wisely. Your dream come true of a day begins with rocking the basics. And what kicks off the wedding planning more than selecting the date? To ensure you dream up a date that works for you both as well as your guests, budget, and preferred vendors, I am sharing my top tips below!

Wedding Date Dramas to Avoid

While the weather in March is delightful, there are other factors than can make that season frightful! March is peak season in the Florida Keys. With peak season comes peak traffic–on the roads and in the skies. And with high demand comes high prices! When booking your date anywhere in peak season, be sure to consider your guests’ budgets. Peak season brings high rates in flights and room rates. If you feel your guests will be on board with this, book to your hearts’ content! But keep in mind not everyone may be comfortable spending thousands of dollars on one weekend away. It’s your dream weekend–but of course we want to be considerate of everyone involved, too.

Hotels & Flights & Wedding Vendors: Oh my!

Alongside the flights, hotels and roads booking up in peak season, your wedding vendors will also be in high demand. Have you thought about if all of the best photographers, entertainers, wedding planners etc. are already booked up? With many couples moving their original dates from 2020 to 2021, couples in desire of a 2021 date were left without many options. Most couples opted to instead choose a date in 2022 so they could have all their desired vendors with them on their dreamy day. With this, 2022 has been booking up far sooner than usual, with vendors booked up 18 months in advance instead of the standard 9-12.

But hope is not lost! Never fear 😉 With these things in mind, there are many other times of the year that offer more flexibility. So before committing a huge portion of your budget to a venue on a dreamed up date, think down through these factors first. There are couples who wanted March or April of 2022. After looking into hotel room rates and vendor availability, they instead landed on May 2022, November 2022, etc. This worked better for them and their loved ones.

When it comes down to it, your wedding date is about what works best for you two and your community of loved ones. If you feel your guest list would be able to spend a significant amount of spending on their room, and your desired vendors are available, then dive right into peak season! But if you are thinking a more comfortable spending season with more vendor availability is more your speed, let’s set a date to chat about alternative dates 🙂

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