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The Number One Florida Keys Wedding Budget Saver

There are so many things I hope to armor my brides & grooms with, but it all begins with swooping in and being their very own Florida Keys wedding budget saver. Sure, the budget is far less important than the union, the loving attendees, and the love surrounding the big day. However, since you already have your best friend ever perfectly picked out, I am here to help give you both the best day ever. And to do that? Budget is most important!

You have started off your engagement with your left hand. Let’s make sure you are starting off your planning season with the right foot. We know finances are tight for so many in the current season we find ourselves in, so staying comfortably within your budget is more important than ever before. To do this? Spend money to save money.

Florida Keys Wedding Budget Saver Top Tip

Hire a local Florida Keys wedding planner. It seems like the most counterintuitive thing to do. Handed a budget, especially during uncertain times of 2020, spending money before the planning even officially kicks off seems a bit silly. But here is why it is absolutely undoubtedly necessary.

Hiring a wedding planner local to the area you plan to wed in straight off the “Yes!” of engagement sets you up for utmost success–in both your wedding day and your wedding budget. A Florida Keys wedding planner for a Florida Keys wedding will be able to look at your budget and instantly think of trusted vendors in the area who can accommodate you. Instead of wasting time pouring through Google, trying to rely on gut feeling alone to hire your entire wedding day crew, you are hiring a source who knows the vendors personally.

Happy Budget, Happy Life

Seeing so many couples disheartened after unknowingly hiring someone who may not be able to stay in line with the couples budget, be it DJ or decor and more, in turn causes the couple to spend even more money. Maybe their biggest desire is good food, but they unknowingly went forward with signing agreements with floral and entertainment teams whose minimum spends are over and above what the couple needed. This then forces the couple to cut back on their most important dream of great food, costing them to potentially go over budget just to end up cutting corners.

Knowing a wedding vendor personally allows the wedding planner to explain to you what they can do for you, what their typical price range is, and more. From there? Your planner can take your visions, match it with your budget, and pass it along to said trusted vendors. With this, multiple options from each area, from florals to catering and more, will be brought back us to then be presented to you for you to choose from. No endless Google searches, no contracts signed feeling uneasy, and certainly no wedding budgets blown. That easy breezy feeling you get when you are in the Keys? Imagine that during your entire planning process. That is what you both deserve.

Florida Keys Wedding Budget Win

Your Florida Keys wedding budget should be as carefully thought out and respected as the cherished details you choose for your special day. While most couples choose the Florida Keys as a destination wedding, some have an even trickier time figuring out budget stipulations while being so far away. To help mitigate this, we have created Consultation Packages. With this, we chat with you both and review your dreamy desires and budget needs. From this information, we can then present you with venues and vendors who are in line with your needs.

Sometimes, couples are surprised to find how much more expensive or inexpensive the Keys may be. After reviewing all of this with them, they find they may be better off opting for a different destination, or even better, they find they can afford a larger, more extravagant wedding in the Keys than originally thought. Either way, we are here to help steer your ship! Happily Ever After can begin at the beginning of your planning story–in turn gifting you the fairy tale day you dream of alongside a cast of characters best suited to bring it to life. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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