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Rainy Wedding Day: Managing Weather for your Florida Keys Wedding

Even though legend has it that a rainy wedding day brings good luck, it’s likely not something on your wedding day wish list. When selecting the Florida Keys as your destination wedding location, the stunning weather is likely a top reason. But just like any tropical climate, sometimes that sea breeze picks up a bit too much. Rain showers can decide to invite themselves into your wedding day. But just like anything else, there are ways to navigate this wedding storm! Below I am sharing my tips on how to ensure those sandy feet will keep dancing on your wedding day—even if a rain cloud or two stops by.

Rescues on Your Rainy Wedding Day

Planning for a potential rainy wedding day has many facets involved. But the most important factor in navigating inclement weather on your wedding day depends largely on your wedding venue. If you decide to host your big day at one of the many Florida Keys wedding friendly resorts, chat with your contact at the venue about your back-up location. Most venues offer one included in your contract, but not all. If your venue does offer a back-up location, ensure it is in your wedding day contract before signing. If the venue does not offer a back-up location, be sure to ask them what kind of tents are allowed on property.

When thinking about your back-up location, be sure there is enough space for not just your reception, but your ceremony, too. Just in case the rain comes before your ceremony, you will need space to place your full ceremony set up too. Space can be saved using the dance floor as much of the “stage” for the ceremony space, but be sure this is enough, just in case!

If you opt for a tent, be sure to chat thoroughly with the tent company about what size your party will be, as well as any furniture rentals, stages, etc. you will have. This will help them ensure your tent will safely fit everything underneath. Be sure to also discuss tent siding options, as these are an added cost and additional labor.

Rainy Wedding Day Plan A, B, & C

Backup included in your venue? If not, tent secured, with proper accessories? Ceremony space also protected? Check, check and check! Planning for a potential rainy wedding day is far from fun, but it’s extremely important. However, often, even when planned perfectly, rain can come in rapidly and unexpectedly. In this event? Ensuring you have hired a team of local wedding vendors who are seasoned in this scenario is key! Which wedding vendor to start with? You know who! Chat with us today about how to keep a chance of rain from stealing your wedding day sunshine.

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