the"no" to say after your best "yes" why to opt for a full service wedding planner

The “No” To Say After Your Best “Yes”

the"no" to say after your best "yes" why to opt for a full service wedding plannerThe “No” To Say After Your Best “Yes”

Because we want your engaged life to be filled with nothing but “Yes!” moments, we bring you: the “no” to say after your best “yes”. What so many couples do after getting engaged, is start building a wedding budget. This is beautiful! However, we find that time and time again, the budget is structured in an unsustainable way. Things that the couple is not super excited about is allotted a chunk of change just because it’s “tradition”. This then causes them to cut corners on things that really matter to them! Foodies are having to opt for less than foodie-tastic tastes, view finders are having to select venues less than their eye’s desire, and more. You get the picture!

So what does this boil down too? Not hiring a wedding planner straight off the bat. More specifically, opting to only hire a wedding planner for a month of package. What does this mean and why is it such a problem? Dive in with us below!

Full Service: Full Heart!

Hiring a full service wedding planner is in the client’s best interest for a litany of reasons. But what huts clients most? The budget. This is the number one thing we see get hit time and time again all because a couple opted to cut corners on planning cost. You are the couple to be–not the wedding pros. We invite YOU to YOUR OWN wedding and engaged period. Meaning? Let us take the stress off your shoulders. We can chat through how to structure your budget and get you to a number that is comfortable. After that, we can steer the ship in getting you quotes from local vendors in that price range. We also ensure no unnecessary add ons are being added to your tab (like too much excess uplighting, too many bartenders, etc!)

We steer the ship so you can enjoy the sunset 😉 Hiring a month of planner puts you in a “too little too late” scenario, as by a month out from your big day, the budget has already been set, money has been spent, etc. Everything is signed and sealed, so any problems with vendors or budget have unfortunately already happened. By inviting us aboard from the get go, we ensure no leaks occur. Ready to set sail? Away we go!

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