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3 Stress Free Wedding Planning Date Nights

3 Stress Free Wedding Planning Ways to Make Date Night In FUN

Stress free wedding planning, just a date night away! With these date night in ideas, you’ll breeze through wedding tasks together, cortisol free. Cheers!

1.) Aprons & Knots Tied: The Great Engaged Bake-Off

Ask a cherished family member for a beloved family recipe – the messier the recipe card, the better! As one of you bakes, brainstorm must have guests for one wedding-related events, such as bridal showers, engagement parties, and wedding day after-parties.

As you savor your sweet treats, you’ll have tackled the task of finalizing one event guest list. Having this base, moving on to additional event guest lists will get even easier. Plus, you’ll have a sugar rush sprinkled with nostalgia to commemorate the occasion. Winner winner, cookies for dinner!

2.) Double the Date, Double the Stress Free Wedding Planning

A cozy night in with your favorite couple can be the perfect solution. Don’t let distance stop you; you can even arrange a virtual FaceTime date.

Order some takeout and let your friends assist you with whatever task is causing you stress. To avoid a Too-Many-Cooks-In-The-Kitchen scenario, pick a task you alreadyhave narrowed down options to choose from, like picking one of your three favorite bridesmaids gowns.

This date night is really a triple win. You’ll get quality time with people you love, you’ll tackle analysis paralysis, and you’ll gain new, inspiring insights and perspectives. Because what could be better than finally locking in bridal party attire while sharing some mushroom pizza with trusted pals?

3.) Rekindle Your Childhood with a Fort Building Session

Gather all of the blankets in your home – including those ratty childhood ones – and get to work. Drape them over chairs, your coffee table, or anything else you can find.

Then, place couch cushions, pillows, and even stuffed animals underneath to create a comfortable foundation.

Now, grab your wedding planning checklist and climb on in together. Trust us- it’s impossible to stress over where Aunt Linda will sit when you’re snuggled in a cozy blanket fort.

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