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Aisle Planner: One (of the many 😉 ) Perks of Hiring Frond & Feather Events

Aisle Planner: the software every bride and groom never knew they needed. When I first set out to build Frond & Feather Events, I wanted to cover every single detail. I wanted my care for each client to be as detailed and thoughtful as possible. While being accessible is something I pride myself on, I wanted something that could care for my clients while I was on the event floor or with my family. I had never heard of anything like it–save for cloning myself 😉

I wanted a way for a client to be able to see where I was on each aspect of their specific event–at any given moment. Popping bubbly with besties and want to check in on vendor bookings? Dress shopping with mom and want to check in on where the pending tasting date is at? Daydreaming with spouse to be and want to check on the floral budget progress? The scenarios are endless. I wasn’t sure I would be able to be as accessible as I wanted to be, to be able to answer each question whenever any client desired, until I found Aisle Planner. Dive in below to read more! (And PS: This is not a sponsored blog. This is strictly pure, unpaid Aisle Planner adoration at its finest!)

What Does Aisle Planner Do?

From the Aisle Planner site, fellow wedding planner Dionne Washington says it best: “I always tell our clients, Aisle Planner is us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…just in the form of an amazing software.” In a nutshell, Aisle Planner is there to answer your check in questions whenever we can’t be. It does all of the below:
  • Tracks status of every project
  • Creates and maintains event calendar
  • Build precise timelines
  • Tracks every budget expenses
  • Maintains vendor information and files
  • Keeps a catalog of notes from every meeting and call

And so much more.

OK, I’m in…So Now What?

When you book a full or partial planning service package with us, your event will be created in the software. From there, all of the above and more will be accessible. You will be able to essentially have eyes on my notes as your wedding planner throughout every step. So even if you want to be a hands off bride or groom, sometimes just a little peek at the progress is soothing and fun. And if you desire to be involved in each and every step, you can do so with this access. Without having to book a call, make time for an email, or have an unanswered 3 a.m wonder 😉 you can dive on in to the nitty gritty of your event, right from the comfort of behind your screen. Another planner shares: “My clients love it, and always talk about how professional and useful the tools are. It makes them feel more organized, empowered, and in control.” Sounds like unanimous love to us!

To dive in more, head to their site here: What Every Engaged Couple Never Knew They Needed

To see a recent Florida Keys wedding of ours, head here: Largo Resort Wedding {Katherine & Zach}

We can’t wait to create your event next!

Love & Light,

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