When to Book Your Florida Wedding Vendors Photo shows destination wedding venue Baker's Cay Resort in Key Largo, Florida

When to Book Your Florida Wedding Vendors

When to Book Your Florida Wedding Vendors Photo shows destination wedding venue Baker's Cay Resort in Key Largo, Florida

When To Book Your Florida Wedding Vendors

It’s the question most important yet least talked about: when to book your Florida wedding vendors.  Due to the pandemic, studies are forecasting 2022 to be the biggest wedding year since 1984, totaling 2.6 million weddings. Of course, this does not take into account the inevitable last minute elopements, estate weddings and micro weddings. And wow, do our calendars sing this same tune!

Before the pandemic, it used to be quite standard to be able to book your desired venue and vendors all within a year (sometimes even less!) than the day you got engaged. Now, with the many rebooks, reschedules, times have changed. On top of all that, folks are now fully embracing the mentality that life is indeed so short and so unpredictable, so the laid back nature some used to have on getting engaged or married in general has changed. Folks are wanting to live TODAY! And what’s more? Loved ones are excited to get out and celebrate, too. Below we are sharing our advice on how and when to book your Florida wedding vendors.

The Magic Number

As wedding planners, our deepest desire for you is to have the day of your dreams alongside the vendor team of your dreams. We hate to see when a bride books her dream venue and locks in a date, only to then seek out vendors and find so many from her dream list are already booked for the date. So as a blanket number, we encourage you to book two years out. You may be able to get away with a year and a half, but if you are opting for a weekend wedding, we definitely encourage you to think more along the two year mark. If you are wanting to say “I do” as soon as possible, we absolutely recommend a weekday date.

On top of that, when considering a date, do a check with the MUST HAVE vendors on your list for the date you are considering before locking in a venue date. This will save so much unnecessary stress and heartache. And of course, the absolute first booking you need to make is with a wedding planner local to the area you are set to be wed in.

One Last Note…

As a Florida Keys specific note, booking vendors far enough in advance is even more important. This is because top destinations like the Florida Keys have limited supply but immense demand. The incredible wedding vendors are absolutely here–but they are all in extremely high demand on this little spot of land! If all of this is overwhelming you, don’t let it. Let it spur you on to have these chats with your spouse to be and loved ones, get a general idea of what you are working towards in time of year, area, etc. And next? You already know 😉 Give us a call! You’ll be sinking into Island Time in no time. We promise.

Love & Light,

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