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Why To Postpone, Not Cancel, Your Florida Keys Destination Wedding

As you and your spouse to be dreamed up your wedding day with visions of sun, sand, and tropical drinks in hand, it’s highly unlikely you envisioned having to postpone those dreamy details. The coronavirus is effecting us all. From medical workers, to large companies, to small businesses, to students, to you: spouses to be, we are all impacted in some way.

As I have chatted with each client in the wake of this pandemic, I am more eager than ever to offer guidance, hope, and support. I am with you in this. I feel your disappointment. I hear your worries. I carry your many emotions with you. With that? I’ve compiled my thoughts in hopes to be a beacon to you during this time.

Postpone your Florida Keys wedding. Don’t cancel it.

Everything you have been planning for your Florida Keys wedding day is now upside down. At least it certainly feels that way. But just like anything else, the darkest times make the sweeter times all the sweeter. I am sure that among the many things you may be feeling, defeat may be top of the list.

But that is the top reason why you must persevere together. 

Once this passes, your loved ones, wedding vendor team, and local communities will crave community and celebration more than ever. What better way to celebrate health, happiness, and new beginnings than with your wedding day? Take a deep breath. Sit in how you are feeling together. Sort through it all. And after that? Claim your day back together. It might be a couple months delayed, but just like any victory, it will be even sweeter.

Dream up the details.

While it may be hard to believe, your newly dreamed up wedding can and will be so much more special. Consider how a shift in a season can make your selected colors pop even more. It may make your menu stand out even further. It may even offer up better weather for you–with more of a sea breeze than gusting, veil blowing winds.

As you change your date, you may feel tempted to refresh some details altogether. Go for it! Chat with your florist about unique late Summer or Autumn rends you can transition into. Discuss options with your bridal stylist on different makeup or hair looks. The bright blue sky awaiting us after all of us is the limit. It may be a different date, but it is still YOUR day. Make it your own in whatever way you feel led to.

Opportunity awaits you.

Some couples have fretted over a new wedding date drawing a smaller crowd. While this is not a guarantee, if you do decide you want to cut back on your head count for this new date, consider the opportunities that await. A smaller wedding can mean more wiggle room to dream big. A little bit goes a long way. A more limited guest count can mean upgrading your existing wine package, adding in that spa service you really wanted, adding some more detailed decor, or even adding in some additional tasty island bites to your menu. Great things come in small packages!

Want to stick with your original grand crew? Understood! As stated earlier, your loved ones will be so eager for celebration and time spent together after this uncertain time passes. You may find you receive more RSVPs than ever before.

Postpone questions?

You are not alone. Whether you are new friend or a returning face, shoot me a message today. 

My heart lies in connecting with and helping others. Now is as important a time as any to do so. If you have any questions, concerns, or dreamy details you want feedback on, I would love to hear from you. Let’s share a virtual coffee and pop that wedding planning binder back open together. Things may be dark right now, but that just means your celebration will be brighter than ever before.

A postponed Florida Keys wedding is not ideal. But starting your marriage facing this triumphantly together is the most romantic, dreamy thing you can do.

Sending Love & Light Now & Always,

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Wondering where to start in the postponing process? BRIDES has shared an extremely helpful step by step guide. Dive in here: How To Postpone Your Wedding

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