Olivia Hammon
Founder, Corporate Event Professional, Certified Wedding Planner & Designer

Hi! Im thrilled you have taken the time to visit our website, and are interested in learning  little bit more about us!

I have 18 years of professional experience in event planning & production which includes destination weddings, nationwide event production for high profile corporations, fundraising events and large music festivals.  I am a mother to 2 amazing children, entrepreneur, creative lover of logistics, supporter of the local arts, volunteer for several local non-profit organizations and a born and raised “Florida Girl” who loves to float in the salt water.

 My favorite things about event planning & production are seeing the designs and hard work come together and witnessing the joy on everyones faces enjoying a well planned party. I also love building meaningful relationships with my couples and clients. Fun Fact: I have yet to plan a wedding without getting teary-eyed, they get me every time.

At Frond + Feather, our job is not only to help you design an event that meets your unique needs, one that creates a connection with each guest, but also to think of the things you haven’t thought of, to become an extension of you, and to take on the complicated organization and logistical tasks so that you can genuinely relax and enjoy your event.

Even though you may be planning your very special event from far away (on a tiny island!) you are in more than capable and caring hands. Our team will always look out for your best interest, when you shine, we shine. Anyone who has worked with us in the past, would echo these sentiments.


She’s going to figure it out long before you, so just prepare yourself for a top of the ranks expert to lead the way on your program or event. There’s nothing that gets past Olivia, she exemplifies the gold standard in planning, design and production excellence. Working alongside Olivia reminds you how to be on your A game and if she is isn’t rubbing off on you, you’re definitely missing out. More than once I have seen her move dozens of 72″ RD tables by herself, because they weren’t just right, and the moral of that story is that making sure your event space is spatially balanced with good flow is one of her specialties. When it comes to details, forget about whatever is on your mind because she’s got you 110% covered. In over a decade of working with Olivia, I have seen her juggle challenging personalities, complex moving parts and many layers of client to planners to vendor relationships with what appears like effortless chess plays. Olivia is a ‘by the book’ kind of event planner, she absolutely never cuts corners or says ‘no one will notice’ because if something can be fixed or improved, it will be. That kind of integrity is rare and her capabilities reach far beyond her immediate surroundings of The Florida Keys.

— Kaia Jacobi, Owner, Elevate Productions (San Francisco)

I have had the pleasure of working with Liv on countless programs across the United States for over a decade…from small intimate gatherings, to amazingly huge events that would make most planners’ heads spin! But, no matter how simple or how many moving parts there may be, she is always super calm and she makes you feel like you and your program are the most important thing in her world at that moment! She is honest and has the highest integrity and I can always trust her with my dearest and most discerning clients.

— Tammy Capman, Vice President, IME Connect (New Jersey)